Telugu department activities - 2013-14

ACTIVITIES 2013-2014

The department organized a ''Guest Lecture" on the topic "Pothana Bhaktitatvam" in the college Auditorilum for the Telugu Students.The audience are addressed by Dr.  Palaparhi Syamalananada Prasad,an aminent Ashtavadhani,He spoke about qrarieties of Bhakti. if we speak correctly,then we cancomplete the assigned task  successfully.Our faith in good saverus from and kind of Obstiateles.

           The task was very inspiring enlightening and enjoyed by all the students and others who attended the meting.Thhe occasionn was graced by Department Head Dr.P.Usha, Dr.V.N.Manga Devi,
P.Vijaya prasanna and Others.

                         GUEST LECTURE
Resource Person  :Dr.P.Vijayanthi,
                              Sub-Editor,sakshi  Telugu Daily.
 Topic                  :Mass Communication.
    On The 22nd February,2014,the Telugu Department, consisting of Mrs.Dr.V.N.Manga Devi arranged a guest lecture on Mass Communication.It was given by Dr.P.Vij…